Big change has to start at the grass-root level and must be acted on consistently, with utmost dedication.
Especially if the grass/ greenery around is under threat….by us.

Started in 1970, Earth Day has been a day when we all go ‘gvng-gvng’ for Planet Earth. But often, it’s just one day. We are, no cap, heading towards the point of no return. Want proof? Here’s the doomsday clock.

Better late than never, some of us have been waking up to smell the smoke. So far, 1 billion people have been mobilized with 75k partners across 192 countries to drive positive change. (Says right here on

The effects of climate change are a slow boil, going cray after a certain point. It’s why after years of neglect, we see extreme weather and mass extinctions and it’s only gonna get worse if left unchecked.

Therefore, (saying it again cuz it gotta sink in deep enough),
Sustainability has to be the talk of the hour, as the Earth heads into the 11th hour. We talk about solutions with some heroes taking action.


Earth Day X BYWESAVED - Dropkick

The Eco-friendly Trio

Founded by Faith, Cielo and Jerolyn, BY WE SAVED is a clothing project built on ethical and cruelty-free fashion. They curate and sustainably rework fashion items that make up a good fit. In their own words:
“We’re all about self-expression here and encouraging people to try different styles that are out of their comfort zone”.

We get together with them for an Earth Day special Thrifting Challenge. The rules are simple: Within 30 mins, the trio have to go thrift shopping, sift through the collections to top off their outfits. Best outfit wins.  
PS: Like their fit? We got it right here!


Change Starts From Us

The growing demand for sustainability has pushed world-renowned brands, like Nike, to make the ‘Move to Zero’, an initiative to contribute to cut the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by half this decade and to reach net-zero by 2050.

At Dropkick, we are all for sustainability and are actively doing our part to contribute to the movement. We got the latest in sustainable fashion for our fam, so you can go green without compromising on style.
Take the initiative, mix & match, step out of your comfort zone. Change won’t happen, till you do.



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