Bee Line x Timberland. Hyping Up Nature.

Bee Line x Timberland. Hyping Up Nature.

A wise philosopher named Pharrell Williams once said: “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.” When he and partners created the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) streetwear brand, he swears it’s not just for bread and bougie, despite what the name suggests. But quality, creativity and – dare we say it – richness of life. BBC is a movement to enjoy, explore and go beyond expectations.



Bee Line by the Billionaire Boys Club is on board with that by focusing on sustainable design and protecting nature. This is why the Bee Line x Timberland collab is important. Two powerhouse brands coming together once again to create products that respect and save the environment.




Take the Bee Line x Timberland Low Hikers shoe for example; it’s made with ReBOTL™ fabric that’s 50% recycled plastic and synthetic leather, and splashed with a fun purple and orange colour scheme. High comfort level with cushioning (EVA-blend foam) and ground traction (TimberGrip tech). Hiking shoes have truly never looked this dope! Plus the hoodies and tees are feckin’ fresh in blues, yellows and wheat. All made from 100% organic cotton.


Better for you, humanity and the planet.